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Tattooed Professionals: Stephen Luczo

Posted by | September 17, 2012 | Tattooed Professionals

If you work int he IT world like I do, there is one company that will stand out when you hear it.  Seagate.  Most people are probably reading this confused as to who Seagate is, but they are one of the top manufacturers of Hard drives in the world.  I personally have a Seagate hard drive I purchased back in 2004, and the thing is still chugging along with no problems, no bad sectors (dead spots on the drive), nothing.  I even remember an old teacher in college joking about how you could shoot a Seagate hard drive point blank with a .22 pistol, and it would still work.  But we are not here to talk about hard drives, we are here to talk about tattoos.  So what does Seagate have to do with this?  Stephen Luczo.

Stephen Luczo is the CEO and President of Seagate.  He is also on the Board of Directors of several other big technology firms.  And guess what?  He has a tattoo.  In an interview with Forbes, he spoke about his tattoo.  Not on his arm, not on this chest, or back.  But on his hand.  His finger to be more pierces.

It was as follows:

Q: And then, you have a tattoo on your left ring finger. What’s with that?

A: It’s my wife’s name. I got it because I don’t like things on my hands. Her name’s Agatha. She’s Croatian, and her real name’s Agata, without the H, and my hand’s so small that that’s all they could get on here anyhow. So it worked out really well.

Seems simple and mundane, but for a top level executive to have a tattoo on his hands, that is a big deal.


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