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Tattooed Professionals: Maegan Nielsen

Posted by | October 22, 2012 | Tattooed Professionals

Profession: Nielsen has witheld her position and the name of the corporation she works for in Bellevue at the request of her employer.

Corporate culture: “Some corporate industries just tolerate tattoos while others really get it,” Nielsen says. “As the baby boomers continue to retire and the up-and-coming workforce moves in, employers will be hiring from a younger crowd where it’s becoming increasingly more acceptable to be tattooed.”

Inspiration: In addition to her children’s astrological signs (she says she won’t get her husband’s until their 40th anniversary), Nielsen’s back tattoos are symbols that remind her of her own perseverance and resilience through the hardship she’s endured, including the word “strength” in Chinese and a phoenix design that will eventually take up her entire back (“It rises from literally nothing to become a beautiful, powerful bird.”)

Phoenix artist: Hooe at Easy Choppers. Nielsen says he wants to take the phoenix tail down to her thigh, but “I think I’ll stop him right here,” Nielsen says gesturing to her lower back.

Stereotypes about tattoos: “They’re only for people in prison or with an artistic lifestyle,” says Nielsen, who works with senior members of her company and never tries to hide the tattoos on her back that peak out from the top of her shirt.

Bellevue’s transformation: “Seattle is so forgiving, so creative and Bellevue is becoming that way, too,” Nielsen says. “There’s a cultural shift happening where tattoos are becoming more OK.”

Getting inked: She asked her artist, Hooe, why he didn’t go to Seattle, a more alternative city, for work. He told her that Bellevue is an untapped market. She agreed. “People say, ‘I’m not going to Bellevue to get tattooed, it’s snooty and pretentious. That’s just ignorance.”


(source: The Scene)

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