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Tattooed Professionals: Leah Maxwell-Schwab

Posted by | October 29, 2012 | Tattooed Professionals

Profession:Paralegal in downtown Bellevue, more than 20 years of experience.

Artist: Various; Dale Nester, Skin and Soul.

A positive addiction: When asked how many tattoos she has, Maxwell-Schwab has to count to remember. Is it 10 or 11? There’s four on her back, one on her wrist, a design encircling her thigh like a garter belt as well as tattoos on her big toe, ankle and lower abdomen. “Oh yeah, it’s 11,” she says.

Her first one: She was 22. It was the ‘90s and grunge was in. “I was obsessed with Orca whales at the time.”  What started off as a single Orca on her ankle became a whole anklet design.

Tattoo sisters: Maxwell-Schwab and one of her closest girlfriends got tattooed together when they went on vacation to Australia, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Cancun.  She says her tattoos capture moments she wants to remember.  

A portrait of the last 20 years: “My tattoos are my artistic expression and my individuality. They make me different.”

Carrying peace with her: “Three years ago, I was going through a really tough time, I wanted to feel like I had peace around me. I have the word serenity on one shoulder blade and peace and eternal love on the other. I carry the two things with me now.”

Law office: Maxwell-Schwab’s 74-year-old boss loves her tattoos. “When he introduces me, he says, ‘This is my paralegal, Leah. She’s got a lot of tattoos.’ He thinks it’s pretty cool.”

Identity: “My work isn’t who I am, my tattoos are who I am,” she says.


(source: The Scene)

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