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Tattooed Professionals: Katie-Jo Glover

Posted by | October 15, 2012 | Tattooed Professionals

Job: Veterinarian assistant at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine, which treats reptiles, small mammals, birds and other critters. “We basically don’t see cats and dogs,” she said.

Tattoos: The skull of a coyote on the underside of her forearm; a woman holding a burrowing owl on her thigh; a sparrow being stabbed by an antique hairpin on the other side of the forearm.

The skull on Glover’s left arm isn’t just any coyote: it’s Snix, one of the first ones she tracked while doing wildlife research on Cape Cod. The job entailed raising coyote puppies, monitoring them, even showering, sleeping and eating with them, part of an affection for the critters she developed growing up on a farm in Massachusetts.

By the time she started working as a vet for exotic animals, she decided to get another piece: a sparrow being stabbed by an antique hairpin, to symbolize the breadth of odd maladies she sees.

“You would not believe the things that people will come in and say happened to their pets,” she said. “I wanted something that looked bleeding, that looked like an accident.”

The office — where the current slate of patients includes a chameleon, an albino hedgehog and a chinchilla — attracts a certain breed of person who is more likely to be tattooed, she said.

“There’s a little bit of a subversive culture there,” she said. “The applications you get from reptile people who want to work there; they’ve got split tongues and things.”



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